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Our team provides KPI(Key performance Indicators) Service Validation and Testing with the aim of deploying product releases and resulting services meets the customer’s requirements and user experience.We also provide documentation of the tests and quality assurance measures applied during the development, installation of applications, systems and other infrastructure components.

Flair InfoSystems also offers a wide range of audit-quality compliance and validation services, ranging from risk assessment and software qualification to full system validation. We work closely with the customer to help them move more quickly into testing and production, control your validation costs, and minimize the burden of developing and maintaining acquiescence and change control.

Our procedure involves:

  • Test Model Definition, which is to specify in detail how the Release will be tested and quality-assured.
  • Release Component Acquisition, which is to establish the components of a Release and submit them to for initial assessment by our testers in order to ensure that only key components which meet strict quality criteria are allowed to enter the intensive testing phase.
  • Release Test, which is to test all Release Components,tools and mechanisms required for deployment and migration
  • Service Acceptance Testing,which is to verify if all conditions are met for the new service to be initiated, and to obtain a written consent from the customer that the new service fulfills the agreed Service Level Requirements.