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Systems, networks, and sensitive information can be compromised by malicious malware. A security threat could lead to reputation damage, interruption of a critical task, disclosure of confidential information, and legal liability. As system administrator we will provide you with a more secure system therefore minimizing interruptions in your work and threat to your confidential information.

We will routinely monitor the website for security threats and help you rectify them. We understand each security issue with relevance to your configuration and environment. We will update the anti-virus software regularly thereby minimizing data loss. We will take responsibility to ensure anti-virus definitions are up to date.Antivirus packages for desktops and servers can be installed and updated remotely, virus definition files updated on demand, routine or emergency virus scans scheduled, and security settings adjusted from a single location. . A small software package is installed on client machines, and those clients then contact an ePO server for antivirus software and updates.