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Flair InfoSystems Software QA (quality assurance) involves monitoring every phase of the software development process so as to ensure design quality, making sure that the software adheres to the CMMI standards.A software quality assurance involves software design, writing source code, reviewing the code to remove errors, configuration management, program testing and integration of the software developed to see that it works correctly and efficiently. At Flair InfoSystems we have the ability to be proactive and see potential problems that the customer might encounter from lack of requirements provided by them and by giving our technical expertise and ideas help make a better product.

We are detail-oriented and are good at documenting our work which makes it easy for the customer to understand the product. Along with that we test the product extensively to provide a flexible and reliable stable product with Global delivery. We also provide you with a cost effective and secure product.

Our range of process implementation, software quality assurance, and project management solutions assist customers in meeting their business goals. Our core focus is quality and so our services and products are delivered within the framework of international standards, best practices, technologies and methodologies. We keep doing research and educating ourselves regularly to make sure we have the best technical know-how in the market.