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Flair InfoSystems aims at supporting the operation and maintenance of al lT system keeping in mind the software updates and vendor upgrades. We have included all software & hardware for all server configurations, windows & web-based applications and all client / server software.Flair InfoSystems delivers IT Operations and Maintenance support for a complete variety of systems development for a diversity of clients.For any application to be successfully deployed in production and get best results it must be maintained with all available support activities. The growth & performance of any system is affected due to the quality of trained operational & support team. Maintenance often also have expansion plans, cutting costs and making possible changes as required for business.

Maintaining a system includes software updates, controlled and operable state, change management, quality management, best available configuration and many other timely support activities. Flair InfoSystems Maintenance: it is aimed at maintaining the system in the best possible condition for better performance at all times that include.

  • Highly configured system
  • Level 4 production and service support
  • Compliance and quality management
  • Resources and software / hardware updates