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Working with your team, they will provide the right set of solutions that will help you through the implementation phase and support life cycle as your business may require, while leveraging the client's current investment and infrastructure. End result of this is that your business can achieve enhanced productivity, reduced costs, accelerate revenue growth, and above all, get a competitive advantage over your competitors.Our solutions have over the years successfully met specific customer requirements with time-tested, proven implementation techniques. We look to harness the same for your company’s benefit and help your business on the right profitable path.

Flair InfoSystems

Founded by a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in the engineering and operational management experience in the IT industry, Flair InfoSystems offers one of the industry's most comprehensive offerings of services covering the whole spectrum of Project Implementation from Program Management to Business Process Model Development and Software Solution design through areas from application setup to technical and DBA tasks, testing, training, roll-out, and post-production support..

With over a decade of industry experience, global delivery model and proven track record, we look to help companies to realize their goals, improve their business efficiency and improve upon their profitability. The whole aim is to convert our knowledge into value for our clients.

Using the latest technologies and industry best practices, our team of skilled professionals have the right blend of expertise and approach to harness their knowledge in both the technical and related functional areas to define and analyze business processes and requirements, and then fine-tune the solutions specifically to the customers' needs while enabling them to earn maximum returns on their investment. Each solution emphasizes continuous improvement and breakthrough advances in quality and customer service.

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To be an influential and respected name in our domain areas with the highest levels of passion, performance and professionalism that serve the people we care most about.


To treat each client's business as our own while providing pragmatic and cost-effective services and solutions that deliver per-determined and tangible results to our customers.

A full service provider of IT and IT enabled services; Flair InfoSystems offers high quality solutions that enables your business to achieve competitive advantage through the successful deployment of improved processes, tools and infrastructure.

We deliver a comprehensive range of services touching upon all facets of project implementation, from program management to developing the business process model and software solution design through application setup, technical and DBA tasks, testing, training, roll-out, and post-production support.

With extensive experience and expertise in both the technical and related functional areas, we are well placed to provide the right solutions in tune with your specific business needs and help obtain maximum return on your investment.


We have the right blend of people, the processes, the experience, and the expertise to help customers successfully meet their objectives.